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Dr. Philip L. Wagner

Dr. Philip L. Wagner

Major Publications

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  59. Philip L. Wagner, "Cultura y geografia: uin ensayo reflexivo," BOLETIN DE LA ASOCIACION DE GEOGRAFOS ESPANOLES, numero 34, 2002, Pp.41-50.

  60. Hiroshi Shimazaki and Philip L. Wagner, "Managing pilgrimage, JIMBUN CHIRI [Japanese Journal of Human Geography], 57-2, 2005, pp.69-79.

  61. "Informal remarks: Introducation," in: CARL SAUER ON CULTURE AND LANDSCAPE.  READINGS AND COMMENTARIES,  William M. Denevan and Kent Mathewson, editors.  (Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 2009), pp. 383-389.


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