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Dr. Philip L. Wagner

Dr. Philip L. Wagner

References and Appointments

Professor Emeritus, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada - V5A 1S6
  • Residing in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Born in San Jose, California, 1921
  • Citizen of Canada and the United States

Educated at the University of California, Berkeley:

  • A.B., 1947. Double Major: 1). Russian; and 2). Regional Group Major in Russia and Eastern Europe
  • M.A., 1950. Geography. (Thesis: "Russian exploration in North America")
  • Ph. D., 1953. Geography. (Dissertation: "Nicoya: historical geography of a Central American lowland community")

Professional Appointments:

  • University of California Extension, Far East Program. Teacher, 1953-54.
  • University of Chicago, Division of Social Sciences. Research Associate, 1954-55.
  • University of Chicago, Department of Geography. Assistant Professor. 1955-61.
  • University of California, Davis, Department of Geography. Associate Professor to Professor, 1963-67.
  • University of California, Davis, College of Letters and Science. Associate Dean, 1965-67.
  • University of California, Berkeley, Department of Geography. Associate Professor (1/3 time), 1964.
  • Simon Fraser University, Department of Geography. Professor, 1967-87; Professor Emeritus, 1987- .

  • Visiting Appointments over several years at the University of Texas in Austin
  • Visiting Appointment at Boston University
  • Six-week Institutes at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and also at Santa Clara University
  • Languages: Speak, read and write French, Spanish, German, and (rusty) Russian. Some competence in Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Farsi, etc..
  • Travels: Throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean;
    Andean South America; Western and Southeastern Europe; Turkey and Iran; the
    Philippines, Japan, and Korea.


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